Band-Aids and Accompanists

So…I was washing the dishes last night and one of the items was a glass spaghetti jar. (Always good to be frugal and reuse things, right?) Anyways, as I was carefully washing the glass jar, I was reminded of the time when I was traveling with a music group in college…

We were traveling during the summer and visiting a different church almost every night. At this particular church, they decided to feed us before the service. We were supposed to be polite and offer to help clean up, do the dishes, etc. I actually enjoy washing dishes (weird, I know) so I offered to do just that. However, during the dish-washing, I had my hand inside a mason jar when the jar just broke and, consequently, I cut my hand. (Remember, pianists have super strong hands!!)

Fun stuff!!! I was supposed to play for the service in less than an hour and now my hand was bleeding. (Ok…so it was just a small cut, but it did bleed. We pianists have to do something for attention every now and then.)

Someone found a Band-Aid for me, and I was able to get the cut to stop bleeding. It’s always kind of fun to play the piano with a Band-Aid on…makes you feel like you’re being so strong and brave!!

I remember during the intermission of our presentation (during the video), I went to the back of the auditorium and changed to a new Band-Aid…just to be on the safe side. I don’t recommend getting any blood on the piano keys, especially if you’re visiting the church.

So, that’s my story of being oh-so-heroic!!! Have you ever had a similar experience? I would love to hear your story!!

P.S. And, since you’re wondering…no, I didn’t cut my hand last night washing the spaghetti jar. But I did wash very carefully and with much concentration and prayer!!


6 thoughts on “Band-Aids and Accompanists

  1. Barb Wagner

    I was in a car accident the night before our church’s dress rehearsal for the Christmas Cantata. They told me my fourth finger on the right hand was badly sprained and to “buddy wrap” it with the fifth finger. It hurt so bad! Well, one can’t “buddy wrap” a finger when one has the entire church, orchestra, choir, etc….depending on you, right? So I just wrapped it by itself, as lightly as I could get by with and still play. Fun times….NOT. And then proceeded to play for four Christmas Cantata performances. We are indispensable, are we not? I remember trying to rework fingering on the spot so I could avoid using that finger at all, and sometimes just playing the left hand and letting the orchestra take over. šŸ˜›

    My finger just would NOT quit hurting, even weeks later. When I went to my regular doctor and took him the xrays – lo and behold the E.R. doctor was wrong. It wasn’t just a sprain…I had chipped the bone on my finger. I absolutely should NOT have been playing the piano! LOL I don’t know what I would have done had they told me that up front. I’m not one to back out on responsibilities, but I did suffer for a LONG time with a very painful finger.

    Barb Wagner

  2. Sarah

    I once had broken my middle finger only two days before my church’s Christmas cantata. I just had to play. There was no other option. My finger hurt so bad. In between songs, I held an ice pack on it. Luckily, there was no permanent damage, and only a few weeks of not playing.

  3. Christie

    How did I never hear this story? Yeah, playing with band-aids is never fun, especially if you get sweaty fingers like me. Just adds to the drama! I think a few days before the seminary’s graduation last year I sliced my finger while opening a can improperly. yow! I was so nervous that the bandage would come off while playing; and it’s so annoying to have one more thing to think about. Love the story! (and tell those mason jars to be nice to you) ((and come do my dishes)) = )

  4. Laurie Post author

    Sarah, that is just awful!! I can’t imagine having to play with a broken finger…good for you!!

    Christie, guard those fingers!!! People are depending on them!!! And don’t leave all your dishes for me..I want to have time to relax, too!! šŸ™‚

  5. Sarah

    I played at a church for special services once after cutting my finger cleaning a toilet! (gross, I know) I had a bandaid on it, but during Power in the Blood, it decided to start bleeding again, through the bandaid. I wasn’t planning on doing offertory, but came up with one right on the spot, just so my brother wouldn’t have to play on the blood-covered keys. Soooo gross!


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