Playing with an iPad

How many of you like change? If you’re like me, change is not my favorite. But a couple weeks ago, I took the “change” plunge…

Our music director started using his new iPad to direct the music for the services. From my place behind him in choir, I was fascinated that all he had to do was seemingly tap the screen to turn the pages.

I had originally wanted to get the iPad mini, but I was advised that the regular size had better resolution for music. So I saved up my money and got one. Fun stuff! Now I had to learn how to use it for church.

I bought the app forscore, which allowed me to put the songs in a playlist.

My music director sent me the hymns in PDF format, which I opened in forscore. Once I had the playlist (setlist) ready, all I had to do was swipe the screen and it would turn the page. Even if it was a new song, I just had to swipe the screen.

The first Sunday I used my iPad, I was instantly addicted. The benefits are awesome…

No more turning/handling/lugging around the ginormous hymn book. It is so heavy!

I can see now over the piano music stand! Before, the hymn book was taller than the stand and I had to strain my neck to see the music director. I’m on the shorter side, so I still have to strain a little.

Since I’m on a rotation schedule, I don’t play for every service. But I’m looking forward to trying more with my iPad, like choir songs and special music accompaniment. If I’m really brave, maybe I’ll use it for an offertory!

Do you have an iPad that you use for the music service? I would love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Playing with an iPad

  1. Gina Sprunger

    I do not have an ipad, but my tablet is so sensitive, I have been hesitant to even think about using an ipad for the piano. Sometimes I double tap, or accidentally hit something in error or afraid the screen will go off. It seems like so many things could go wrong. Have you ever had any of those things happen?

    1. Laurie Post author

      Gina, I agree, there are so many variables to consider. So far…I haven’t had any trouble with double-tapping. On the iPad, I just have to swipe across the screen, which is so nice. I was afraid of the screen going off or dimming, so I put the setting on 15 minutes until it would go off/lock and that seems to really help. If I’ve been playing the prelude for about 10 minutes without touching the screen, I might swipe the song and then swipe it back just to “reset” the screen for the service.

  2. Beth Sturm

    I have used mine since June. I have found the perfect solution for the page turning problem. I bought an ‘air-turn’ foot pedal that changes the pages for me. I bought it in February. I cannot image life without it now. It works on bluetooth technology. This eliminates any uncertainty for page turns. I set my ipad to not turn off on its own. I just make sure I turn it off myself every time. The bluetooth does use extra battery but is well worth it.

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