Long Nails vs. Short Nails

Ok…humor me on this one…

I feel like I am constantly cutting/trimming my fingernails. I have a job where I type all day and it gets very difficult to type with long(er) nails.

Plus, when I play the piano, I need my nails short. Now, I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who can play with those long, beautiful nails. I am just not one of them.

All of my piano teachers encouraged me to keep my nails short, so that is what I got used to. There have been times when I have played with longer nails and I did not feel comfortable at all. The clicking of the nails was very distracting to me.

I usually trim my nails every week – maybe every week and a half. There have been times when I have cut my nails too short.


The thumb especially hurts when this happens because the side of the thumb takes the brunt of the impact on the piano.

What abou you? How long do you prefer your nails when playing the piano?

How does the nail length affect your playing (if any)?


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