Piano and Cowboy Boots

I’m very picky about what shoes I wear to play the piano.

Flats don’t work. Wedges don’t work.

Heels do work, but not too thin of a heel. Not too chunky either. (I’d take chunky over thin, though.)

So, this week I’m faced with a dilemma.

Our church has a special Sunday this Sunday called Fall Festival Day. It’s a day where the service is more casual and somewhat of a western theme.

It’s a day where cowboy(girl) boots are the “in” footwear. And, yes, I do own cowboy boots. And I love them.

My boots

My boots

But I’ve never played the piano in them.

I have played wearing winter boots before, and I didn’t like it. The boots were just below the knee, and when I lifted my foot for the pedal, the boot rubbed against my leg in a very weird way.

I really want to wear my boots. If I don’t wear them, I’m not sure what shoes I would wear.

Decisions, decisions.

What do you think? Would you wear cowboy boots to play the piano? Have you done it before?

This post is part of a series I’m doing this month called β€œOn-the-Go Pianist.” Click here to see all the posts!


8 thoughts on “Piano and Cowboy Boots

  1. Randall Pollard

    There’s a first for everything.. I would say try it out and if you don’t like it, that gives previous experience for next time lol

  2. Sarah

    Why don’t you practice in them at home first? That’s what I always do with shoes I’ve never played in. And for the record, I would definitely wear them. πŸ™‚

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