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Piano and Cowboy Boots: Follow up

Earlier this week, I asked your advice on wearing my cowboy boots for this Sunday’s Fall Festival service.

Today was the day. I wore my boots and was happy with how they looked. However, I wasn’t happy with how they felt when I played. They weren’t horrible, but they just weren’t comfortable.

I’m used to being able to “feel” the pedal with my toes, rather than my entire foot.

I almost felt like I needed to lift my foot (and heel) off the floor to get the desired pedal sound.

But, I didn’t change my shoes. Since I was able to practice with the boots in choir practice, I felt like I would be ok for the service. And it was ok.

Will I play in my boots again? Probably not until next year.

My boots

My boots

In other news…I just felt “off” playing-wise the entire morning. Maybe I didn’t sleep well, didn’t have enough caffeine, something. I was just plain tired.

I even got the chords mixed up in “Victory in Jesus” during choir warm-ups. (The songbook has it in the key of F, and my fingers wanted to play in the key of G.)

Thankfully, the Lord can use me in spite of my imperfections. The service overall went great, and we had a fun day of afternoon fall festivities.

Now it’s time for bed. Goodnight!

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