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Final Thoughts

On-the-Go PianistSince this 31 Day Challenge really started the evening of September 30, I did my Day 31 yesterday.

But since today is October 31, I thought I should do a final post to recap the month.

Wow, thirty-one days of blogging. I really did it.

When my sister first suggested I do this with her, I wasn’t sure what I would blog about. Obviously music, but the specifics were a little harder to think of.

Now that’s it over and I look back on my experience, I had a really fun time. The challenge was just that, a challenge.

I loved communicating with all my readers about the different aspects of music.

I picked up some valuable resources along the way.

I made new friends.

I reconnected with old friends.

(I just said “I” a lot, sorry!)

I’m not planning on blogging every day from here on out, but I definitely will be blogging more often. I even have some ideas for some series!

Thanks to all of you who followed and read my posts and commented on them.

Thanks to my sis and hubby for encouraging me in this challenge.

Goodbye, October!

Hello, November and December – the busiest months for church musicians!

This post is part of a series I’m doing this month called “On-the-Go Pianist.” Click here to see all the posts!


31 Days: On-the-Go Pianist

On-the-Go Pianist

Welcome to On-the-Go Pianist! This will be my page where I list/link my posts for the next 31 days.

I’ll be updating this page each day with the titles and links once they are posted.

Day 1: Intro to On-the-Go Pianist

Day 2: Let the Fun Begin (again)

Day 3: Musical Pop-ups

Day 4: On This Day…25 Years Ago…

Day 5: Friday Fun Fact: Piano Parts

Day 6: Saturdays: Catch Up and Prep Up

Day 7: Sunday Lyrics: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Day 8: Monday Music Quote: Tolstoy

Day 9: Chinese Food and Piano

Day 10: Piano and Cowboy Boots

Day 11: Musical Pop-ups: Practice Schedules

Day 12: Keeping Piano Lessons Fun

Day 13: Saturday Cartoons

Day 14: Piano and Cowboy Boots: Follow Up

Day 15: Reflections of an Aunt

Day 16: Lesson Preparation: Assignment Sheets

Day 17: Patience and Persistence

Day 18: Sightreading Tips for Rehearsals

Day 19: Friday Fun Fact: Piano Keys

Day 20: Pic of the Day

Day 21: Falling Asleep at the Piano

Day 22: Monday Madness

Day 23: Video: Piano Duet – I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord

Day 24: Payoff of Prepwork

Day 25: Thanksgiving Music – We Gather Together

Day 26: Two Months from Today is Christmas

Day 27: Saturday…Best Laid Plans…

Day 28: Pedaling for Hymns

Day 29: Pic of the Day

Day 30: Piano Teacher Resources: Susan Paradis

Day 31: Missions Conference Music

Day 32: Final Thoughts

Huge thanks to The Nester for hosting this exciting link up party! I’ve never done one before, so I’m even more excited!

Be sure to check out the other 31 Days Bloggers, too!