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Musical Pop-ups

On-the-Go Pianist

So yesterday was one of those days where I truly felt like an on-the-go pianist. From the time I started my day until I went to bed, I had the following “musical pop-ups”:

(in random order, unless I can get them in order)

(remember, these are not complaints; just an idea of how music follows me throughout the day)

1. Received emails with comments, notifications, likes, etc. from my recent blog posts. (I love all of these…keep them coming!)

2. Sent text to soloist for Sunday to check on music for their solo.

3. Received text back from soloist that music with recording should be emailed sometime that day.

4. Realized I needed another set of piano books for student coming that night, so I ran to the music store on lunch to grab the books. (Yay, they had them all in stock!)

5. Received emails from soloist with sheet music and audio recording.

6. Put my headphones in and listened to the recording.

7. Emailed soloist about practice.

8. Emailed driving directions to parent.

9. Prepped for lessons – filled water bottle, grabbed Listerine mint strips (love those things!), made sure pens and pencils were handy.

10. Gave three piano lessons.

11. Worked on lesson plans for upcoming students.

And all this is in addition to work, commuting to and from work, quick run to the grocery store (after lessons), putting away the groceries, eating dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and feeding and taking care of the dogs.

But I was on such an adrenaline rush after teaching, I was glad to go to the grocery store and walk it off.

I’m looking forward to more musical pop-ups this week!

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On-the-Go Pianist: 31 Day Challenge

As the title suggests, I’m trying something for the next 31 days (October). I’m participating in a link-up party with bloggers from all over. The Nester is hosting this little blog-get-together on her site. Anyone who blogs can post their articles about any topic.

Sounds fun, right? Right. And scary.

My sister has her own blog over at Small Steps, Big Picture. She follows lots of blogs where people post about DIY projects, house stuff, marriage, mothering, etc. Then she shares them with me!

She told me about this 31 Days of Blogging and suggested we should both do it. At first I was very hesitant, but I’m not one to back down from a challenge. Plus, when I shared the idea with my husband, he was like “I think you should do it.”

So here we go.

Now, obviously, this blog is about music. So in thinking about what topic I would blog about, the obvious answer was “music.” But…music is a very broad topic. If I was going to blog about something for 31 days in a row, I wanted it to be a little more specific.

Then, it hit me. I could blog about how music/piano affects my everyday life. Let me explain.

I’m a very busy person. (Not saying that other people aren’t busy.) I work a full-time job 40 hours a week. And I love my job. But it has nothing to do with music.

Starting in October, I am going to start giving piano lessons again, after taking a year off after I got married. I will be teaching 3 days a week.

Also, in October, our main pianist at church will be out of town on vacation. Therefore, I get the fun job to fill in – choir, offertory specials, hymns, etc.

Then, to top it all off, I am a wife to my husband and “mother” to 3 fun-loving, attention-hogging dogs. (Even as I’m writing this, my dog is begging for me to pet him.)

Please understand, I’m not complaining. I love what I get to do and be. But, you can see how I figured with all that I have going on, I might as well do a 31 day blog challenge! It’s hard for me to back down from a challenge!

Badge/Button I made for the Link-up Party

Badge/Button I made for the Link-up Party

For the next 31 days, I will be writing about how I experience music, prepare for church music services, teach piano – all from the perspective of “on-the-go”!

If you don’t think my little series will interest you, then that’s fine. But if you do, I think it would be fun to hear your comments and what you experience with music everyday.

If you are joining us from The Nester link-up party, thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to this challenge, if nothing more than for the fact of telling my sister everyday, “I did it!”

Here’s to the next 31 days!