Weirdest Experience by Far

I promise – this really did happen! I was accompanying a special music group and had my music spread out across the piano. During the song, the air conditioning blew one of the pages, the last page, off the piano onto the floor. Thankfully, it landed with the music facing up. My mind started racing. What was I going to do when I needed that page?

Picture this: I was on the stage, about two steps up from the main floor. The page fell on the right side of the piano – the side that faced the congregation. Remember, I was playing the pedal with my right foot. So, I switched my left foot to the (right) pedal, leaving my right foot free to move. My right foot stretched to the music and turned it around so that it faced me. When I reached that point of the song, I just looked at the page on the floor and read the music from there! Whew – what a scary moment! I’m not sure what I would have done if the page have flipped over or flew farther away from me. Now I always check for air drafts, plus I use page protectors to secure the sheet music.

Has something like this ever happened to you?


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