10 Things a Church Accompanist Would Prefer Not to Hear

I recently read an article with a list of 10 things you should never say to a pianist. (James Koerts, http://koertsmusic.com/featured/10-things-not-to-say-to-your-church-pianist/)

It gave me this idea for items that church accompanists might hear – I have heard most of these!

1.       “The special music just cancelled. Can you play for me if I sing a solo?” (as you’re playing the prelude)

2.       “Just watch me – I might change it up during the service.” (for a choir song)

3.       “Can you play this song in the key of E? It fits my range perfectly.”

4.       “My pianist just cancelled for my wedding. Can you play? The dress rehearsal is tomorrow night.” (true story)

5.       “The pedal doesn’t work. Will that be okay?”

6.       “I don’t like the way you played that verse. Can you do something different?” (on the day of the performance)

7.       “I heard this song on the radio and would like to sing it. Can you play it for me? I don’t have sheet music, though.”

8.       “We don’t have a piano, just a keyboard with five octaves. Will this work?”

9.        “I don’t feel ready for the song that we practiced. Can we get together in between Sunday school and church and practice a different song?”

10.   “The music stand/holder is broken on the piano. You don’t need music, right?”


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