13 Reasons Why I Love Music at Christmas Time

To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas music. However, several aspects of Christmas music reflect this special time of year and endear the familiar songs to myself and others. Let me share these thoughts with you.

1. Children’s choirs

2. Music that comes around only once a year

3. The beautiful harmonies found in traditional carols

4. Trying to make old songs sound creative and fresh

5. Vibrant singing from joyful congregations

6. The delight of hearing a new, original Christmas song

7. Hearing some Christ-centered music in worldly, public places

8. The Nutcracker Suite

9. Knowing that cantata rehearsals won’t last forever

10. Caroling

11. Lots of jingle bells and tambourine sounds in orchestrations

12. The Messiah

13. The mind-blowing Incarnation: the theme that inspires composers and musicians over and over again

These are some of my reasons. What about you? Why do you like Christmas music?


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