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Away in a Manger – Piano Solo

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Well, I must admit that you all blew me away this past week! We reached over 500 likes in no time!

Thank you all for posting, sharing, liking, etc. I’m happy to share with you all this new Christmas piano arrangement of “Away in a Manger.”

The arrangement is late intermediate level with broken chords providing movement in the left hand and the simple melody in the right hand. The middle section changes to a quick 3/4, felt better in a combined one, then changing back to the original tempo and legato movement.

I hope you all enjoy the arrangement (click on link below)!

Away in a Manger – Piano Solo



Giveaway – Free Christmas Music

I love giveaways where everyone is a winner! That is why I’m offering this easy giveaway to you!

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The details.

Between now and this Saturday, November 8, you have to help our Facebook page reach 500 likes! We are SO close! Just visit the page Perspective of a Church Accompanist and like the page…it’s that easy!

When we reach 500 likes, I’ll post a Christmas piano solo for everyone! I already have it ready and I’m super excited to share it with you!

If you already follow us on Facebook, invite your friends to like us as well!

Looking forward to a great Christmas season…

Two months from today is Christmas

What!?! Really?!? Already!?!

Yep. It’s back. That time of year again when everybody goes crazy in the stores and we spend money on things that most people will never use more than once or twice.

I love Christmas, really, I do.


I love the lights, the decorations, the colors, the traditions.

But, mostly, I love the music.

It’s time, my friends. Time to break out the Christmas playlist, the Pandora channel, the sheet music.

And this year, I get to pick out Christmas songs for my piano students.

I’m so excited!!!

What about you? When do you start listening to Christmas music?

This post is part of a series I’m doing this month called “On-the-Go Pianist.” Click here to see all the posts!

13 Reasons Why I Love Music at Christmas Time

To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of Christmas music. However, several aspects of Christmas music reflect this special time of year and endear the familiar songs to myself and others. Let me share these thoughts with you.

1. Children’s choirs

2. Music that comes around only once a year

3. The beautiful harmonies found in traditional carols

4. Trying to make old songs sound creative and fresh

5. Vibrant singing from joyful congregations

6. The delight of hearing a new, original Christmas song

7. Hearing some Christ-centered music in worldly, public places

8. The Nutcracker Suite

9. Knowing that cantata rehearsals won’t last forever

10. Caroling

11. Lots of jingle bells and tambourine sounds in orchestrations

12. The Messiah

13. The mind-blowing Incarnation: the theme that inspires composers and musicians over and over again

These are some of my reasons. What about you? Why do you like Christmas music?